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Chand demonstrated excellent levels of competency with regard to their technical and legislative knowledge, high quality written work as well as financial and people management skills. Chand employees were always professional, punctual and kind in their dealings with various stakeholders, the client and project team. They also demonstrated strong proficiency with regard to maintaining project momentum as well as presenting a strong pro-active attitude to dealing with potential obstacles.

Cape Town Film Studios would like to express gratitude to Chand Environmental Consultants for their support, assistance and highly professional work ethic. With a focus on building long term relationships, the company has developed an excellent rapport with the many environmental constituents involved at the Studios. It is our hope that this relationship will continue to serve the Studios and its environment for many years to come.

Morris Environmental & Groundwater Alliances (MEGA) has included Chand Environmental Consultants in its project team for a range of projects.  These include the Environmental Management Framework project for the Drakenstein Municipality, and the preparation of guidelines for the Environmental Impact Assessment process for the Western Cape’s environmental authority.  We therefore have a well-established professional relationship with Chand Environmental Consultants.  They have consistently rendered a professional service of a high standard and are a company to be recommended.

I was the project manager for the design and construction phases of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Inner City Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) projects for the City of Cape Town. Chand was appointed as the Public Participation Facilitator for the project. Chand performed their work in a highly competent manner, and in accordance with the contract requirements.

I recommend them for future projects of a similar nature.

As the principal consultant and Project Manager (appointed by the Drakenstein Municipality) I have worked with Chand on the development of the Wellington Industrial Precinct Spatial Development Framework project. The company demonstrated an excellent understanding of the project-specific and client requirements as well as the applicable environmental legislation.

Chand Environmental Consultants have been a preferred service provider for Sun International over the last 14 years. They have provided environmental and strategic services relating to the design, construction and operational phases of our Group, at a corporate level and at out Units around southern Africa. The Chand team have been professional, efficient and knowledgeable. Over the years, working with this team has added great value to our Group, hence our long standing relationship with them.

I was the project manager responsible for the proposed development on Fernwood Estate, Newlands project. Chand was appointed as the Public Participation Facilitator for the project and performed their work in accordance with the contract requirements. I would recommend them for future projects of a similar nature

I was the project manager responsible for the construction of residential and commercial developments in Kommetjie for Kommetjie Estates and Red Cliff Property (Pty) Ltd which received Environmental Authorisations for three developments in October 2014. Chand was appointed as the Environmental Assessment Practitioner and Public Participation Facilitator for the projects and performed their work in accordance with the contract requirements. I would recommend them for future projects of a similar nature.